Research project

Hearing Journey App

Never give up earing!

The declining of older people typically follows a long-term process characterized by progressive loss of hearing abilities. This process is often described as the «Hearing Journey». The time course of this Hearing Journey varies from individual to individual, e.g. some people may reach a stage where a hearing aid is indicated at a young age, while others may enjoy good hearing until old age. What is common to all people, however, is that hearing deteriorates with advancing age.

In this project, a concept for a smartphone app is to be developed that accompanies and supports older people on their individual hearing journey. Depending on the individual stage of the Hearing Journey, the users of the app will be offered tips, training and psychoeducation to support adaptive strategies, avoid maladaptive strategies and increase life satisfaction.

Duration: 01.03.2023 - 30.09.2023


WS Audiology


WS Audiology; Ostschweizer Fachhoschule, Institut IPM