Research project

HEROES - EU-Project (AAL)

Video platform for the search for care or nursing professionals for a self-determined life at home

The EU project HEROES, with international partners, aims to speed up and make more cost-effective the search for care and nursing professionals through an online platform.

The HEROES project aims to make the placement of caregivers fast, reliable and cost-effective in order to meet the need for care in local communities. To achieve this goal, we combine the expertise of pensioners and care professionals with the benefits of digital technology to create a comprehensive referral platform for all age groups.

If you need help in the home for yourself or your loved ones, you can find the right candidate through the HEROES video platform by browsing detailed, real-life profiles, receiving video applications to your job ads and getting expert opinions on the candidates' qualifications.

The HEROES project is a European research project funded under the AAL programme with financial support from the European Commission and national funding bodies in Austria, Romania and Switzerland.


The Care Hub (RO)
Simone Eicher - OST, IAF

Duration: 05.04.2021 - 05.10.2023