General project

Measurement Robot - Xtralis AG

The company Xtralis AG produces effective, advanced motion sensors, with long range and narrow detection range for the market of the intruder detectors. The PIR (passive infrared) of ADPRO PRO-series detects human targets at a distance of up to 150 meters. The devices are equipped with telescoping precision glass mirror optics and digital signal processing and guarantee continuous, uninterrupted coverage.

RoboJig 1-3

For quality control of this detector a five-axis measuring robot was designed and created in collaboration with the company Xtralis AG and the company geting AG. Parts were manufactured at the NTB, the controller unit (PLC, NC) and the interface to the used test software were also programmed. After assembly of the prototype at the NTB and its successful start at the Getting AG, two more robots have been produced for the company. These were also constructed and mounted at the NTB. The robots were proofed and certified in accordance with the swiss electrical safety criteria. At the moment the measuring robots perform their task of final test of the ADPRO PRO models in China.

Extract of selected Components

  • Beckhoff IPC (Windows7) including TwinCAT 3 runtime (PLC, NC) as controller
  • Festo PL Space Portal (3 axes; including servo motors and motor controllers)
  • Faulhaber DC-Drives (2 axes)

Duration: 07.08.2016