Research project

Modular platform for software components

A developed modular system - framework facilitates programming by providing frequently used functions and interfaces in the form of software modules (e.g. parameterizable full text search, freely definable workflow engine, form designer, various authentication methods, integrated audit system and various connections to external solutions such as: Docuware, Syrius, SAP).

Thus, the efficiency is increased and individual software continues to be developed. The framework was developed in-house with an effort of about eight man-years and is already used and tested in first pilot projects.

When marketing the technology externally, the question arises as to how the business model must be designed in concrete terms so that there is an economic benefit for all partners involved. Which software modules should the company make available and how? Which customer segments should be addressed (e.g., startups, industry focus)? Which revenue model is suitable (e.g., consulting services, user fees)? How can we evaluate and systematically promote further benefit aspects (e.g. spillovers, innovation impulses)? How can we make the offer as open as possible while protecting know-how?
These questions are to be answered in an applied research and development project and serve as a basis for the development and design of the platform. Although large investments have already been made in the technical development, the further development and concrete design are currently at a standstill, since it must first be investigated what the business model for the novel market offering might look like.

Duration: 01.11.2017 - 30.09.2018




Egeli Informatik AG