Research project


The EU project Pentagon involved ten institutions from academic research and industry from five European countries, and run from 2016 to 2020.

The EU wants to greatly increase energy production through new renewable energy technologies. Challenges arise from the integration of these renewables into the energy supply, including the production variability of these new renewables and the mismatch between electricity production and consumption. As a solution to these challenges, the three grids of electricity, gas, and heat should be more closely interconnected by integrating technologies for conversion and storage of the respective energy sources. This interconnection of the grids must be regulated by an intelligent and higher-level energy management system at the district level.

The Pentagon project addressed these challenges and aims to pave the way for this new generation of ecological districts (eco-districts). The project focused on two research tasks: 

  • Improving power-to-methane technologies and their integration into district-level energy supply.
  • Development of an intelligent and service-based online platform (cloud) for the deployment of a holistic energy management system 

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