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RoRoStrat – Round Robin Storage tank stratification

Thermal stratification is an important parameter in the energy evaluation of storage tanks. The electrical energy consumption in a heat pump system can be up to 40 % lower with a well stratified storage tank than with a poorly stratified thermal energy storage.

In the StorEx project, SPF introduced stratification efficiency as a key performance indicator and at the same time a method for measuring it, which has already become established in Switzerland.

An alternative to this is the measurement of the storage tank according to the EN 12977-3 standard with a subsequent simulation with a calibrated model.

In order for the «thermal stratification» to become a generally, or internationally, recognized characteristic value for thermal storage tanks with a clearly defined measurement procedure, it is important that these two procedures are investigated in a comparative measurement. This is the aim of this project.

Contact: Robert Haberl

Duration: 01.09.2022 - 30.08.2023