Research project

Successful use of service robotics in elderly care and nursing through human-centred design

The successful use of service robots in elderly care and nursing requires the consideration of different dimensions (people, technology, business, law).

Within the framework of this research project, an interdisciplinary project team and an innovative and user-centred approach (human-centred design) in the laboratory and in the field, taking into account all dimensions in close cooperation with carers and senior citizens, will develop service robots in elderly care and nursing, test them and implement them on the market in a new range of services by the business partner.

Duration: 01.10.2019 - 01.03.2022


  • Projekt mitfinanziert durch die Innosuisse


  • SIFE - HTW Chur (Forschungspartner, Projektleitung)
  • IAF - FHS St. Gallen (Forschungspartner)
  • EMS - NTB Buchs (Forschungspartner)
  • FIR - UNISG / ITSL - UZH (Forschungspartner)
  •  F&P Robotics (Hauptumsetzungspartner)
  • Haus Viva (Umsetzungspartner)