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Research project

SlurryStore – cold storage with continuous ice slurry production

In «Slurry-Hp I» we have shown the potentials of cost reduction of using the ice slurry technology with the supercooling method for solar-ice applications. First work on supercoolers was done in «Slurry-Hp II» and it is currently being developed in the «H2020 TRI-HP». «Slurry Store» will work towards the development of an ice slurry storage concept for this application. Several options for charging (icing) and discharging (melting) the slurry storage will be experimentally evaluated and a design will be proposed. Last but not least, an ice releaser (cristallizer) to ensure a continuous ice slurry production will be implemented in the laboratory set-up for a capacity of 5 kW.

Contact: Stefan Brunold

Duration: 15.09.2020 - 31.01.2023