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Sotchà – Three different solar assisted heating systems for ground source regeneration

In this P&D project three identical minergie-A multifamily houses where equipped with three different solar assisted heating systems: PV, PVT and solar thermal with flat plate collectors. The heating systems are equipped with ground source heat pumps and controlled by a newly developed predictive and adaptive control. In the buildings with solar thermal plant the ground source is regenerated. The third building with PV and ground source without regeneration serves as a reference system. Temperature sensors at a depth of 50 m, 110 m and 170 m allow the evaluation of temperatures in the ground over time for each of the three borehole fields. The aim of this three years monitoring project is to identify improvements in the entire heating system of all three buildings and investigate the potential of various solar systems regarding the regeneration of ground sources.

Final report (PDF, German)

Contact:  Alexandre Voirol

Duration: 12.01.2015 - 30.06.2019