Research project

SynMeth - Efficient syngas methanation reactor

This project aims at validating a new technology to produce renewable methane by converting the product gas from a biomass gasifier in a single step.

The project is aimed at developing a new type of methanation reactor, which can handle mixtures of CO/CO2 and convert them in presence of H2 and steam into synthetic methane. These conditions are typical of biomass gasification plants, which are the main target of the proposed product. To gasify biomass, a variety of technologies is available. However, most of the existing biomass gasification facilities are coupled to a combined heat and power plant. The efficiency of this type of conversion processes (syngas to final product) is in the range of 30-35 %. Nevertheless, sustainable biomass is a limited resource and therefore more efficient final uses should be taken into consideration. In addition to the expected increase in conversion efficiency (>30%), this new solution allows to convert the syngas in a single step. Thus, an important decrease in the capital costs is expected. In the frame of this project, a pilot scale reactor will be integrated in the existing power-to-gas facility at the campus of the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland (OST). This integration allows to perform a variety of experiments in an industrial relevant environment to evaluate the performance of this new technology at scale. Furthermore, the optimal operating conditions will be investigated, both in terms of conversion efficiency and catalyst activity. The outcomes of this project will enable a direct implementation of this solution in a commercial demonstration facility to produce renewable methane from a biomass gasification product gas. Finally, a successful development and implementation of this new technology will contribute to decrease the dependency of Switzerland from importing fossil fuels from other countries.

Duration: 01.01.2023 - 01.01.2026