Research project

WisdomOfAge - EU-Project (AAL)

A Seniors Digital Platform for Knowledge Transfer towards Industrial Companies

The WisdomOfAge project addresses the challenge of tapping into the unused knowledge and experience of senior citizens in the world of work. It aims to close the gap between the generations. Therefore, it involves both the primary end-users (senior experts) and the secondary end-users (organisations that support healthy and active ageing). For example, the senior experts share their knowledge and experience with organisations through mentoring, coaching and consulting conversations. These talks are organised by WisdomOfAge. For this purpose, we are developing a platform with project partners from Switzerland, Romania and Belgium that makes it easier to access untapped potential.

With the help of artificial intelligence and intuitive user interfaces, senior experts can connect with companies, be active and share their valuable experiences. In addition, WisdomOfAge offers the integration of several functional components such as learning content (carefully reviewed and verified by the commercial partner), user activities (registration, login, payment, feedback management, etc.), data management (development of new courses, collection of consumer needs and review of senior experts' activity) and ensures a high level of interaction to provide answers to specific consumer needs within the scheduled guidance sessions.

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Project Lead

Digital Twin S.R.L, Romania

Duration: 01.05.2021 - 31.10.2023


  • EU AAL Programme (“Healthy Ageing with the Support of Digital Solutions”)