Evaluation of Solar Process Heat Systems in Switzerland

Since 2011 several solar thermal installations have been installed in Switzerland for the supply of industrial process heat, from which a selection is monitored by the SPF Institute for Solar Technology. In this article the focus lies on a technical and economical evaluation of three solar process heat plants with concentrating parabolic trough collectors providing heat to Swiss dairies. Each plant is at a different location, has different dimensions and operates at different temperatures, ranging from 117 °C up to 180 °C. This evaluation presents the overall performance of these solar process heat systems and compares them to the expectations and summarizes experiences made during operation in order to help planning and designing of future plants.

SPF Institute for Solar Technology

M. Rittmann-Frank, J. Möllenkamp, M. Caflisch, 2017
City / Publisher:
SolarPACES 2017