OpEEr – Optimising the energy efficiency of buildings through individual room temperature control

In Switzerland, the standard SIA 384/1 (based on SN EN 12828) does not require individual room temperature control for new buildings or very well refurbished buildings with space heating supply temperatures below 30 °C. This is justified by the so-called “self-regulating effect”, which means that when the room temperature increases the heat input into the room is reduced due to the decreasing temperature difference between the hydronic heating system and the room. This study compares the three most common variants for room temperature control using dynamic simulations. The simulations show that the self-regulating effect cannot sufficiently reduce the heat input into the room. In the project, recommendations for building owners and authorities regarding room temperature control were worked out.

SPF Institute for Solar Technology

«E3S Web of Conferences» Volume 111
Article 04062