Simulation of a solar-ice system for heating applications. System validation with one-year of monitoring data

In the present paper a dynamic system simulation for a combined solar thermal and heat pump system including an ice storage is presented. The simulated system was validated with one-year measurements from a pilot plant situated in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland. The system is installed in an old kindergarten with a yearly heating demand of around 35 MWh and a high temperature hydronic heat distribution system (radiators). The pilot plant is composed of 50 m² of covered and 14 m² of uncovered collectors, both with selective coating; a heat pump of 17 kW, a sensible storage of 3.5 m³ and an ice storage of 75 m³. The monitored yearly system performance factor was 4.6.

SPF Institute for Solar Technology

M. Granzotto, 2016
"Energy and Buildings" #127
pages 846 – 858