Study areas and competencies

Course content focuses on key competencies

Successful managers of today must not only be professionally convincing, but also methodologically fit; they must be able to work in a team and know their strengths and weaknesses.

The curriculum of the Bachelor’s in Business Administration at OST reflects these requirements and is divided into five study areas spanning the fields of study and specializations and focusing on specific key competencies. All program modules are assigned to one of the five study areas.

In this study area, you acquire

  • Management and leadership skills 
  • Problem-solving and networking skills
  • Methodological skills and development skills
  • An understanding of economic interrelationships and success criteria

Approximate weighting: 50%

In this study area, you develop

  • An understanding of concepts and architectures for business information systems 
  • IT media skills 
  • Information and knowledge management skills

Approximate weighting: 8%

In this study area, you improve

  • Your understanding of numbers, figures and structures 
  • Your analysis and abstraction skills
  • Your research and methodological skills

Approximate weighting: 7%

In this study area, you develop

  • An understanding for other cultures and people 
  • Orientation and action skills
  • Personal and social skills
  • Communication and cooperation skills
  • Interdisciplinary context study skills

Approximate weighting: 19%

In this study area, you acquire

  • Application and implementation skills
  • Project management and reflection skills 
  • Problem-solving and networking skills 

Approximate weighting: 16%

Specialization options