With a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, you will have the special skills required to contribute to further developing current technology in the field. You will be able to analyze challenging problems and particularize technical solutions. You will therefore have the ideal conditions to even undertake interdisciplinary projects and work in technical department leadership.


As a master’s graduate in Electrical Engineering, you will be able to work in a wide variety of application areas: from challenging measurement technology to tiny pacemakers to huge power plants, from mobile 5G applications to quick Internet routers to highly complex radar systems and communication satellites, from safe elevators to autonomous robots to state-of-the-art electric cars in smart cities. You will make a difference, as modern civilization would now be inconceivable without electrical engineering or computer technology.

Pave the Way for Launching Your Career

Even during your master's studies, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with many potential employers and check out their job offers. You will expand your network and discover which projects and jobs the market will offer you.

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