[Translate to English:] Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) an der OST

Study structure

The MSE Master's program offers a comprehensive curriculum full-time or part-time: you deepen your knowledge in your chosen major. At the same time, we provide you with a sound theoretical basis as well as contextual knowledge in the areas of management, communication and law.

Study Structure

You will acquire around two thirds of your Master's degree in the selected profile (60 ECTS) at the OST in Buchs, Rapperswil or St.Gallen.

You will complete around one third in the theory and context modules (30 ECTS), which take place in Zurich.

Design your individual study plan

Your study plan is based on your professional background and your professional goals. Together with advisor, you determine your study plan. Your advisor works in the subject area of ​​your profile as a lecturer and in research and will advise you on the choice of modules. Together you create a study plan that suits your interests and goals. You record the selected modules in the ISV (individual study agreement).

...from theory and context modules

Choose your theory modules

...and your profile with master's thesis

You will develop your professional specialization with the help of project work, additional classes and the master's thesis. You specialize in an area and thus create a clear professional profile.

Full-time study

The MSE Master's degree program can be completed full-time in general in 3 semesters.

During the first two semesters, you will attend classes in the theory and context modules 2-3 days a week. They will take place mainly in Zurich, but also to some extent in Berne and Lausanne. In the other half of the week, you will complete your specialization at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences within a major. In the third semester you will write your Master's thesis and complete your studies.

Part-time study

Are you working or caring for your family? Choose the part-time model: you study with reduced workload, work a maximum of 50% during your studies and complete your studies after five to six semesters.
You can choose to start your studies flexibly: the start of the MSE is possible in both the autumn and spring semesters.
A change between part-time and full-time studies is possible at the end of each semester.