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A selection from our current projects illustrates our work in hand. Should any synergy between your business and ours appear, feel free to enquire within our organization.

Please note that for confidentiality reasons only public projects are displayed. Generally, projects that are carried out for private clients are subject to non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements.

Research project

Innosuisse Flagship Greenhub

The "GreenHub" project is one of a total of eight large-scale flagship projects of the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse). Together with 16 research partners, the consortium led by OST is pursuing a clear goal: the development of systemic and innovative approaches for the production, conversion and storage of renewable energy…

Research project

EffPlusWW – Efficiency boost for hygienic perfect domestic hot water with heat pumps

Due to the necessary decarbonization of the heat supply, heat pumps are becoming increasingly important for domestic hot water preparation. However, the relatively high requirements for hot water preparation and distribution temperatures for hygiene reasons often cannot be met with current heat pump concepts without the additional…

Research project

HydAb – Increase of comfort and efficiency by new concepts for hydraulic balancing of heat distribution in residential buildings

The importance of hydraulic balancing of heat distribution systems for energy-efficient building operation and resident comfort has long been recognized. Nevertheless, it can be stated that there is a lack of expertise and still far too often insufficient implementations occur in practice. Companies have also noticed this gap and…

Research project

PeakMetal – Covering winter peaks of heat and electricity demand by «renewable metal fuels»

Renewable Metal Fuels (ReMeF) are seasonal energy carriers which are able to enhance the energy security. We investigate the contribution that ReMeF can make as combined heat and power elements of the building stock a) to cover the local demand for electricity and heat and b) to feed electricity into the grid to support the energy…

Research project

ModIceCrys –CFD Numerical modelling and experimental analysis of ice crystallizers for supercooling flows

To complete the deployment of the ice slurry technology using the supercooling water, modelling and design tools for the scalability of crystallizers are required. These tools may ensure a controlled and reliable operation of crystallizers, avoiding upstream ice propagation and exergetic losses, and high-efficiency supercooling…

Research project

AsphaltReg – Demonstration and optimization of a recyclable asphalt collector for the regeneration of geothermal probes

This project is the first to build, measure and optimise a recyclable asphalt collector for the regeneration of geothermal probes.

The background to this pilot and demonstration project is the increasingly dense use of geothermal probes, which leads to long-term cooling of the subsoil. Studies show that there is a considerable…