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A selection from our current projects illustrates our work in hand. Should any synergy between your business and ours appear, feel free to enquire within our organization.

Please note that for confidentiality reasons only public projects are displayed. Generally, projects that are carried out for private clients are subject to non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements.

Research project

PeakMetal – Covering winter peaks of heat and electricity demand by «renewable metal fuels»

Renewable Metal Fuels (ReMeF) are seasonal energy carriers which are able to enhance the energy security. We investigate the contribution that ReMeF can make as combined heat and power elements of the building stock a) to cover the local demand for electricity and heat and b) to feed electricity into the grid to support the energy…

Research project

REVEAL – Revolutionary Energy Storage Cycle with Carbon-Free Aluminium

SPF has the technical lead in the EU Horizon Europe project reveal. Within this project, a seasonal energy storage cycle is developed that is based on the oxidation and reduction of aluminum as an energy carrier. The main responsibilities of SPF, besides the technical lead, is the development of technologies for Alu-to-Energy…

Research project

HT-PCM – Development of a high temperature phase change material slurry storage

The project HT-PCM aims at providing the experimental proof of concept of using slurry phase change materials (PCM) for temperatures ranges in between 110 °C to 160 °C. The storage concept is designed to be integrated with solar thermal collectors to provide solar process heat to industries. The slurry PCM solution is expected to…

Research project

SophiA – Sustainable off-grid solutions for pharmacies and hospitals in Africa

Since October 2021 the Institute for Solar Technology SPF is working in an international team for the EU-funded project SophiA. The focus is on sustainable, off-grid supply solutions for healthcare facilities in Africa.

Solar-based systems will be used to provide electricity, heating, cooling and clean water in container modules…

Research project

SolHOOD / Solar energy neighborhoods – Optimal design and operation of heat, cold and electricity supply on the neighborhood scale

In this project, we develop smart planning methods and control strategies for solar neighbourhoods, in order to make optimal use of solar energy, storage solutions, and the interconnection of buildings via electrical and thermal grids. A focus is on the winter heat supply, and alternatives to air/water and geothermal heat pump…

Research project

Ice-Grid - Implementation of ice storage tanks into 5GDHC networks

Within the project Ice-Grid possible application of ice-storage tanks in low temperature thermal networks will be analyzed. In combination with other storages, ice-storage tanks can help to shift the availability of heat or cold. As latent heat can be used at 0 °C within an ice storage, this type of storage is of particular…

Research project

BigStoreDH – large heat storage for district heating

Within this project the potential of large thermal energy storages to facilitate the decarbonisation and simultaneous expansion of thermal networks are analysed. Different techniques of short-, medium- and long-term heat storage are considered. The focus is on the replacement of fossil peak load, the increased integration of waste…

Research project

100%solarLCA – Life cycle analyses of different concepts for 100% solar heated buildings

The seasonal storage of heat in 100 % solar thermal heated single and multifamily buildings has been implemented in a number of projects in Switzerland. The first multifamily building with seasonal thermal energy storage that uses a combination of PV and heat pump instead of a solar thermal system is currently being built in…

Research project

CharacSorb – Optimized sorption heat pump for efficiency increase of district heating networks

Sorption heat pumps can provide cooling based on renewable district heat or waste heat, thus expanding the scope of district heating networks (DHN) and making better use of existing renewable heat sources. On the other hand, sorption heat pumps in district heat transfer stations can also provide heat while significantly reducing…

Research project

OptimEase – Enegetic and economic Optimization of building clusters

Within the OptimEase project, a modelling framework is developed that allows for the energetic optimization of groups of buildings by using their synergies. By comparing the optimal solution of a group of buildings with the sum of optimal solutions for each individual building, the economic and environmental benefits of aggregating…

Research project

Cool2Regen – Active cooling of buildings with heat pumps and geothermal probes for high regeneration rates

Geothermal heat pumps are efficient heating systems and therefore they can provide a substantial contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions of the Swiss building park. In reverse operation mode, they can also cover the increasing cooling demand of buildings. However, the SIA 180 standard asks for passive measures to prevent…

Research project

CoolShift+ – Nocturnal cooling of buildings by natural convection and radiation, occasionally enhanced by heat pump. Analysis of suitable system configurations and model validation

Numerous studies predict a strong increase in the cooling demand of buildings. However, for both economic and ecological reasons, electricity consumption must not increase in proportion to the cooling demand. New, efficient cooling solutions are therefore required.

Together with the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern…