Battery Test Rigs: CTR - Cell Test Rig / MTR - Module Test Ri

The battery test rig CTR (Cell Test Rig) is used for research on lithium-ion battery cells for electromobility


Test procedure

During a test, a battery cell is examined for temperature and heat flow distribution on the outer surface during defined charging and discharging cycles. Thermal management is operated through targeted cooling of the battery outer shell so that the cell reaches a «feel-good» temperature.


The benefit of adequate thermal management brings several advantages. On the one hand, the service life of the batteries is extended, on the other hand, the limits of the current carrying capacity are expanded. This ensures better reliability and thus greater safety in operation.

The battery test rig MTR (Module Test Rig) was developed for testing battery modules up to a size of 1000mm x 800mm. Several coupled battery cells form a battery module, which is tested in its entirety in the thermal cabinet. During these tests, the modules are again optimised with a thermal management system with regard to service life and current-carrying capacity.

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