Free menstrual products at the OST locations

The Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences (OST) now provides free menstrual products at all campuses. Dispensers with tampons and sanitary pads have been installed in selected toilets.

Menstruation, period, menstrual bleeding - no matter what you call it, menstruation is a natural process and millions of women and girls around the world menstruate. To ensure the best possible study and work environment for students and staff, OST is simplifying access to menstrual products at its campuses from the spring semester 2024. Eight dispensers have been installed in selected womens' toilets to provide free pre-packed tampons and sanitary pads.

The stigma and taboo surrounding the topic of menstruation persists. OST would like to make a contribution to removing the taboo surrounding menstruation.

The project was initiated by students and implemented by the Student Administration.

Locations of the dispensers

House 1

Neumarkt 3, 6. OG

Neumarkt 4, 2. OG