Michel André Nyffenegger


+41 58 257 42 21michel.nyffenegger@ost.ch

Patrik Stöckli,
Sven Keller
Design and Verification of an Optimized Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface 2023Bachelorarbeit
Michele Mignola Dielectric Parameter Estimation of Wood Materials 2023Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit
Philippe Frey,
Pascal Schärer
Collaborative Indoor Localization System based on Angle of Arrival and RSSI 2022Bachelorarbeit
Sara Cinzia Halter,
Naoki Pross
Multipath Fading Demonstration Platform using Software Defined Radio 2022Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit
Simeon Roth Cellular Network Data Logging Platform 2021Bachelorarbeit
Maikel Schuurmans Stekhoven,
Simon Walker
Positioning with Bluetooth Direction Finding 2021Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit
Dominik Brändle,
Benjamin Holdener
Indoor Localisation 2020Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit
Timon Bergmann,
Simeï Steiner
Position, Velocity and Time Logger 2020Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit