Smart Cuff

Enabling older adults or high-risk patients to stay at home before or soon after hospitalisation could significantly reduce public health costs and increase patient quality of life. Hence, health monitoring is among the most attractive fields of application for wearable electronics and is the main focus of many research groups.

A variety of wearable devices for monitoring physiological parameters are already commercially available; other devices are currently in the research and development stage. Many of these devices are designed for recreational use (e.g. jogging) and are not suitable for medical monitoring of high-risk or elderly patients. The devices that have been approved for medical use are usually simple. They measure a limited number of parameters and provide little or no possibility for online analysis.

The SmartCuff is a wearable medical device that measures several vital parameters continuously and non-invasively. It provides detailed patient information, and its main purpose is to monitor the health of older adults comfortably at home. The measurements are recorded by a special microchip sensor, innovative sensor fusion algorithms and comfortable capacitive contact electrodes.


Project lead

Hochschule Luzern (Zeno Stössel)

Project team

Veronika Hämmerle, Stephanie Lehmann, Cora Pauli, Esther Ruf (IAF)


Senxellion GmbH, Tucano International SA




09/2019 – 12/2021