Group of students


All teamwork on the real-life student consulting projects is professionally supervised by coaches in line with the project objectives. Depending on the real-life student consulting project program, between 50 and 120 hours of coaching is provided per team project. The individual project “Bachelor Thesis BATH” is only supported by supervisors at the start (a total of 15 hours for defining the outline concept and for viva voce and assessment).

The pool of coaches for real-life student consulting projects consists of all lecturers and teaching staff of the OST St.Gallen, as well as some external business consultants. A distinction is made between project coaches, IT coaches, statistics coaches and intercultural coaches. For BATH, lecturers take on the role of supervisors or co-supervisors. Only the project coaches are in direct contact with the client.

Coaches are assigned to the projects by the WTT. In the interest of effective coaching, the WTT strives to match the profiles of the coaches as closely as possible to the project topics and the clients.

Project Coaches

The project coaches have the task of helping the project teams to improve their technical, methodological, personal and social skills during the project implementation phase, as well as helping to ensure that the project result is of the highest possible quality and falls within the scope of the assignment. The project coaches are introduced to the PPRx work by the WTT with corresponding kick-offs. Depending on the PPRx program, the project coach has a time budget of 50 to 120 hours per team, although the average is usually 50 hours. The project coach organises their work with the project teams independently on the basis of the project plan and the project manual. They then assess the performance of the project teams together with the client using a structured grading sheet.

Statistics coach

The task of the statistics coaches is to help the project teams plan, collect and analyse primary data during the project implementation phase, with the aim of increasing the quality of the Market Research projects accordingly. 2-3 coaching meetings are held per team. Statistics coaches are OST lecturers who teach mathematics and statistics in classroom-based seminars.

IT coaches

The task of the IT coaches is to help the project teams operate and use online survey platforms during the project phase. This is done by means of online training and a hotline. IT coaches are lecturers at the Institute of Information and Process Management IPM-OST who are active in teaching and research.


Intercultural mentors support all mixed international project teams in CPIM, JCSP and JUSP in overcoming intercultural challenges relating to the specific program or project. This leads to better performance of the international teams and, thus, to better project results. Intercultural mentors are OST lecturers who have completed relevant executive education and development courses and are active in teaching.

Supervisors and co-supervisors

The supervisors’ task is to help and encourage the students to define an outline concept (incl. definition of objectives) during the initial phase of the Bachelor’s Thesis individual project. After completion of the BATH project, the supervisors and co-supervisors have the joint task of assessing the overall work, as well as assessing the students orally in the viva voce.