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About us

For around 20% of their degree program at the OST, students of Business Administration and Business Information Technology work on a rolling program of real-life student consulting projects with companies and institutions in the market. The Knowledge Transfer Unit (WTT for short) is responsible for the marketing, acquisition, project implementation management and debriefing for all of these real-life student consulting projects at the OST St.Gallen Business School. These account for almost 20% of the Bachelor’s program.

Each year, the WTT acquires around 100 team-based real-life student consulting projects and 150 individual projects (Bachelor’s Theses) for a total of around 600 students. Nine real-life student consulting project programs per year are conducted with students, lecturers, and businesses or organisations under the direction of the WTT.

The Knowledge Transfer Unit is partly self-financing and  is always market-driven. It serves as a bridge between academia and business. In doing so, it draws on the skills and experience of some 50 lecturers, who are involved in the real-life student consulting projects as coaches. The WTT work culminates in the annual WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD, which recognises and honours the best real-life student consulting project teams in the categories of Market Research and Management Design in collaboration with a large group of sponsors.

WTT Team

Prof. Peter Müller, Prof.lic.rer.publ.HSG

WTT Wissenstransferstelle Leiter

+41 58 257 17 32

Claudia Brönimann, MSc in Business Administration

WTT Wissenstransferstelle Stv. Leiterin WTT-FHS / Dozentin

+41 58 257 17 35

Dr. Ronald Ivancic, Mag. mult

WTT Wissenstransferstelle Projektleiter / Dozent

+41 58 257 17 39

Mag. Martina Bechter

WTT Wissenstransferstelle Projektmanager für Praxisprojekte

+41 58 257 14 76

Melissa De Carlo

WTT Wissenstransferstelle WTT-Assistenz

+41 58 257 17 38

Mikela Frey

WTT Wissenstransferstelle WTT-Assistenz

+41 58 257 17 37

WTT Team picture, OST Ostschweizer Fachhochschule

Our opening hours

Our office is open from Monday to Thursday at the following times:

9.00 am – 12.00 noon and 1.30 pm – 4.00 pm

Outside of these times, we can be reached by phone or email (on weekdays).