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SPF Testing – Collectors

Thermal solar collectors are characterized by their performance, lifetime and safety. For these measurements and tests, several solar trackers, a solar simulator and many other test stands are available. With these, all standard tests are carried out and, of course, individually adapted test series for specific questions are also possible.

Testing and Certification

SPF Testing is one of the leading testing laboratories for the European Solar Keymark certificate and performs all measurements and tests according to the international standards ISO 9806 and EN 12975. Other certifications, such as the American ICC-SRCC label, are possible.

Development and Research

The facilities and expertise of the test laboratory are of course also available for research and development projects. We support you in product development, problem solving and are partners in research projects with trade, industry and universities.


SPF Testing Kollektoren Solartracker

Solar Tracker

  • Seven fully equipped solar trackers
  • Collector sizes up to 18 m2
  • Medium water or water-glycol
  • Operating pressure 0 - 10 bar
  • PV/T Tests
  • Temperature range from -20 °C to +120 °C
  • Pressure drop measurements
SPF Testing Kollektoren Beregnung

Quality and Durability

Various facilities for standard tests of durability:

  • Rain
  • Mechanical load (wind, snow)
  • Thermal shocks
  • Hail
  • Pressure
SPF Testing Kollektoren EL-Messung

PV/T Labor

  • Equipment for the measurement of PVT collectors
  • Testing, research and development
SPF Testing Kollektoren Solar-Simulator

Solar Simulator

  • Testing, research and development under controlled and stable conditions.
  • Tests under extreme climatic conditions
SPF Testing Kollektoren Hochtemperaturteststand

High Temperature Test Stand

  • Temperature range up to 200 °C. Test stand for parabolic trough collectors
  • In situ measurements on site
  • Testing, research and development
SPF Testing Kollektoren Fördergeldrechner

Subsidy Calculator for Solar Thermal

SPF-Testing is responsible for managing the list of collectors eligible for subsidies in Switzerland on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy: