Embedded Systems

We have extensive experience in the design and programming of embedded systems. We use everything from small 8-bit controllers to extremely powerful multi-core processors as required. Smaller processors typically have no operating system, while we primarily use Linux on larger processors. Many applications also require real-time capability. We have a highly efficient compiler (developed in-house) that can execute Java programs directly at machine level.

We have know-how in the areas of bus systems such as PCI, PCIe, SPI, USB or CAN for controlling a wide range of peripheral components. The in-house development flink enables quick and easy access from an application program to hardware components in an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array).

Our EEROS  framework offers a real-time capable controller for robotics applications that is safe and efficient. 


We offer courses for external customers in the area of


  • Yocto: Build system for Linux
  • Linux drivers
  • C/C++