Test results of heat pumps

The results of the EHPA testing are only published with the explicit consent of the client. The performance data of the heat pumps are presented and determined in accordance with the EHPA testing regulations (additional measurements requested by the client are not published).

Since January 2005, WPZ Buchs has been testing air / water, brine / water and water / water heat pumps according to EN 14511. Measurements according to EN 14825 are carried out since 2014.

Domestic hot water heat pumps have been measured at the WPZ since January 2012 in accordance with EN 16147. Previously, these tests were performed after the discontinued EN 255-3.

Last update of the test results: 15.11.2021

Test results

air / water heat pump

brine / water & water / water heat pump

domestic hot water heat pumps & heat pump boiler

Comparison tool for heat pump