Tensile, compression, bending tests

Two Zwick materials testing machines for tensile, compression and flexure tests are available. The machines are PC-controlled (software: testXpert II). Test specifications to DIN/ISO for compression, tensile and alternating loads are available, as are grips for different specimen shapes.

The systems are serviced annually by Zwick Service and traceably calibrated (DAkkS calibration certificate). The load cells and fine strain transducers conform to accuracy class 0.5 to ISO 7500.

Zwick 1445-03

  • Measuring cells: 500 N and 10 kN (HBM)
  • Fine strain transducer: mechanical
  • Climatic chamber: RT ... +200°C
  • Especially suitable for testing plastics, sensitive wires etc.

Zwick Z100 TN ProLine

  • Measuring cells: 500 N (HBM) and 100 kN (Xforce)
  • Fine strain transducer: videoXtens

It can be determined without contact:

  • Strain hardening exponent (n-value, ISO 10275)
  • Longitudinal strain and transverse contraction (r-value, ISO 10113)
  • Flow curve from quasi-static tensile test

Application example «Bending pressure test»

The bending properties of fibre-reinforced polypropylene were tested in a 3-point bending compression test (DIN EN ISO 178).

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