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What jobs/employers are the right fit for me?


Develop ideas for the next stage in your career.

Job market check

Find out which opportunities suit you and get an overview of potential employers, sectors, fields and roles.


Receive interesting insights into fields of work and the experiences of alumni...


Get to know alumni, more about their careers, tips and ideas...

How do I get to know employers and how do I apply?

Application skills

Job market, application channels, application documents, interviews...

Contact meetings

Graduate entry and career opportunities, contacts for your professional future...

Where are my strengths and how do I expand my horizons in a week?

Skills check

Know your strengths and weaknesses and how to apply this knowledge to the application process and your professional life.

Personality check

More about your thought and behavior patterns and how to leverage your potential...

Change in perspective

Work for a week in a previously unfamiliar field.


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