Research project

BigStoreDH – large heat storage for district heating

Within this project the potential of large thermal energy storages to facilitate the decarbonisation and simultaneous expansion of thermal networks are analysed. Different techniques of short-, medium- and long-term heat storage are considered. The focus is on the replacement of fossil peak load, the increased integration of waste heat, the shift of energy from summer to winter, and innovative approaches of sector coupling to balance production and demand of electricity.

The analyses are carried out on the one hand using representative generic thermal networks, and on the other hand for specific case studies of the participating industrial partners. In this way, generally valid results can be achieved, as well as a high probability to induce real pilot and demonstration projects.

In collaboration with Solites, eight factsheets have been produced that provide an overview of the available storage technologies for thermal networks, as well as their integration and costs:

Factsheet aquifer thermal energy store (PDF, German)

Factsheet pit thermal energy store (PDF, German)

Factsheet borehole thermal energy store (PDF, German)

Factsheet buried concrete tank (PDF, German)

Factsheet cost-effectiveness (PDF, German)

Factsheet steel tank unpressurized (PDF, German)

Factsheet steel tank pressurized (PDF, German)

Factsheet system integration (PDF, German)

Duration: 01.09.2021 - 15.12.2023