Research project

Patient Radar

Model driven development of a platform to support the transferal management between acute hospitals and rehabilitation clinics

The project aims at enabling intersectoral collaboration within the inpatient sector, also called “Transferal Management”, i.e. between acute hospitals and rehabilitation clinics in Switzerland. Such collaboration involves clinical pathways based on patients’ diagnosis as well as administrative aspects. This includes the challenge of combining the pathways of several hospitals and several rehabilitation clinics into one coherent treatment process. The project intends to address this challenge by creating a service platform that will serve as a hub for post-acute care which enables and supports the interaction between the different actors involved (hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, health insurances, nursing facility, and family doctor).

Duration: 01.01.2014 - 31.12.2016


Das Projekt wird von der KTI gefördert unter der Projekt-Nr. 16129.2-ES


FHS St. Gallen - Institut für Informations- und Prozessmanagement, Akutsomatische Spitäler Altstätten - Grabs - Walenstadt, Reha Kliniken Valens, Post CH AG, Netpoint Consulting AG