Network and Cloud Infrastructure Specialization in Computer Science

How are large networked systems, such as enterprise network infrastructure or cloud platforms, built? Learn more about network and cloud infrastructure.

In the Network and Cloud Infrastructure specialization of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, we teach you how to design and operate efficient and secure data centers (cloud infrastructures) and telecommunications networks. You will work on the design and development of highly scalable cloud environments, which form the basis of today's IT environments in small and large companies. You will work with virtualized network, server and storage technologies. You will ensure secure and highly automated operations for companies in the banking/insurance, industrial, and telecommunications sectors.

Selected Modules:

  • Computer Networks 1 und 2
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud Operations
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Distributed Systems
  • Intent-Based Networking
  • Network Automation
  • Network and IoT Security
  • Web Engineering 2
  • Wireless and IoT

Hands-on experience in the computer network lab

OST has a computer network laboratory equipped with modern network hardware in Rapperswil. In this laboratory, you will have the opportunity to apply the theory you have learned in lectures and exercises to physical devices. You will consolidate your knowledge in the field of network technology by completing set tasks and conducting individual experiments.

The lab has ten workstations, each with two students working together. Each workstation is equipped with four Cisco Catalyst 9300 switches and two Cisco ISR 1111 routers. In addition, a WAN emulator is installed on each workstation. This emulator is used to simulate network transmission errors, varying latencies, and other parameters that affect data transmission in a network. Each lab is supervised by two experts in the field of network technology, and you are welcome to ask questions at any time.

The lab was expanded in 2022 with a software platform that allows full access to the lab without being physically present in Rapperswil. This access is currently used by students in St. Gallen to participate in the practical courses.

In addition to the physical computer networking lab, the OST has its own software platform, the Lab Topology Builder (LTB), which provides students with virtual network environments for practice purposes. This platform is used primarily in advanced computer networking modules to enable hands-on labs with larger topologies and more complex scenarios than would be possible in the hardware environment.