Bachelor in Computer Science: focus on practical relevance

Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences attaches great importance to a strong practical orientation in the Bachelor's degree program in Computer Science. During your computer science studies, you will deepen your knowledge in state-of-the-art computer network laboratories. Team projects, programming and software tasks provide even more practical relevance. There you will gain project experience and real industry practice. You can also work directly with a company on your Bachelor's theses.

During your bachelor's degree in computer science at OST, you will build a bridge to the professional world through exercises, project work and bachelor's theses, paving the way for a successful career.

During the lectures of your bachelor's degree in computer science at OST, you will discuss real-world problems and solutions. You will deepen your theoretical knowledge in the computer network laboratory and work with state-of-the-art equipment in practical and hands-on courses.

Teamwork is also required in the software engineering projects: you work in small groups with your fellow students from the Computer Science degree program over a longer period of time on a complex task. You will receive feedback from your supervising lecturers at several review meetings. The project concludes with a presentation of your results.

Term Projects and Bachelor's Theses

When OST students, leading companies and research partners come together, it creates added value for everyone involved. Our students learn on the basis of real projects - asking questions, finding new solutions and developing products further.

Companies benefit from the innovation of our students

In student research projects and bachelor's theses, students work independently on practical tasks. Do you have practical issues in your company that are suitable for student work? Become a term project or bachelor thesis partner.