Vier Studierende des Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik im Campusgebäude

Areas of study and competencies

The Bachelor’s in Business Information Technology enables you to develop competencies in five areas of study that go beyond specialist knowledge. Successful managers need to be not only professionally convincing, but also methodologically fit; they must be able to work in a team and know their strengths and weaknesses. We therefore promote skills such as critical self-reflection, competent conversational skills and the ability to work in a team. Combined with relevant specialist content, this makes the Business Information Technology degree at OST unique.

Study contents:

  • Economics and Law
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • Business Information Technology in the narrower sense
  • Culture, society, languages, mathematics and statistics
  • Consulting Projects and Bachelor Thesis

This area of study covers selected theories, concepts, methods and instruments in management theory, accounting, economics and law. The curriculum takes a systemic approach and focuses on the design of organizations, taking into account their respective environment. The learning content of this area of study promotes systemic and networked thinking.

This area of study covers, among other things, the fundamentals of software engineering, object-oriented programming, the architectures of application systems, data and data structures for applications in business information systems, and the design and implementation of database systems.

This area of study deals with learning content that interactively combines knowledge from business administration and computer science and covers topics such as requirements management, business process management, information and knowledge management, integrated business software, data science and artificial intelligence as well as digital transformation topics.

In this area of study, you will develop an understanding of ethical and political issues. You will acquire the important fundamentals of mathematics and statistics and develop your communication skills. In English, the focus is on the language of business. You will expand your listening and reading comprehension and further develop your speaking and writing skills.

Practical projects are a special feature of all bachelor’s programs in the School of Management as we attach great importance to the intensive involvement of students in concrete practical issues. In this area of study, you will apply the acquired professional, methodological, social and personal skills in practice. You will be coached for the project work by experienced OST faculty. You can find more information in the Practical Relevance section.