This degree program exists within a close network of international and industrial partners. Our students will likewise be integrated into this network.

International networks

Partnerships with international universities on all continents enable you to spend a semester in an international environment or to write your thesis abroad. In an era of globalization, these kinds of opportunities have become even more important and offer students meaningful professional, social, and personal experiences. OST supports you in organizing exchange semesters and coordinates your personal study plan with you.
If you would like help or advice concerning the exchange semester, please contact Samuel Böhni.

In the final semester of your degree program, an international study week will be organized in one of a variety of destinations (Liberec, Shanghai, Singapore, Oslo or Rio de Janeiro).

Within the Industrial Engineering and Management degree program, we greatly value interdisciplinary perspectives. To this end, we work with a variety of institutes and centers of competence at OST.

The degree program exists within a close network of industry and association partners. We work closely with the following industry partners:

Following your graduation, you will become part of OST's alumni network. The alumni network enables you to keep in touch with fellow students and take part in professional and social events.