Ein Mann und eine Frau schauen in einen Laptop (Symbolbild für Master Computer Science MSE)


A master’s degree in Computer Science will offer you a promising future. You will have the skills and knowledge to research, develop, plan, specify, and design innovative ICT systems and architectures.


You will typically take on an expert position in research and development or technical management across service and production companies of all kinds or in private and public-sector organizations. You will acquire technical leadership skills to lead agile development teams and take responsibility for the management of applications and IT infrastructures. 

Open Source Projects and Lean Startup Mindset

Project work, master thesis and additionally classes can be used for the gradual development of your own digital products and services, if you are interested also in the form of contributions to the open source community. Such project results can develop a completely independent value, but are also ideal professional performance certificates and business cards for the time after graduation. You have the opportunity to make yourself known as an expert in the market on your own initiative. Context modules, e.g. on entrepreneurship, and additionally classes can also help to prepare for founding a start-up in the chosen subject area (main topic).

Pave the Way for Launching Your Career

Even during your master's studies, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with many potential employers and check out their job offers. You will expand your network and discover which projects and jobs the market will offer you.

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