MSE Energy and Environment

Study energy issues as a whole: You can study all aspects of energy at HSR – from conventional to renewable energy.

Find solutions to environmental problems: We will train you to become an expert in environmental technology and you will enhance your knowledge in order to solve environmental problems.

Outstanding career opportunities: Graduating makes you a highly qualified and sought-after professional – by international companies, energy providers and the public sector.

At a Glance


Master of Science in Engineering focusing on Energy and Environment

Course duration

3 full-time semesters,

5-6 part-time semesters

ECTS points


Course focus

  • Electrical power engineering
  • Thermal power engineering
  • Environmental engineering

Involved Institutes

Preferred Bachelor’s degrees

  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc in Electrical Engineering
  • BSc in Civil Engineering, Automotive Engineering
  • BSc in Environmental Technology
  • BSc in Building Technology
  • BSc in Geotechnology
  • BSc in Process Engineering
  • BSc in Chemical Engineering
  • BSc in Systems Engineering
  • BSc in Renewable Energies and Environmental Engineering

Portfolio admission:

  • BSc in Industrial Engineering Management
  • BSc in Environmental Science

Other qualifications may be accepted on a portfolio admission basis.

Teaching language

German, many modules in English