With a Master's degree in photonics, promising career opportunities are awaiting you in the world of light-based technologies. As a photonics expert, you will work interdisciplinary on photonic solutions for self-driving cars, security applications, lighting technologies, light-based communication, high-precision manufacturing, life sciences or quantum technologies, to name just a few.


Applied Research and Development

Photonics engineers are able to solve complex problems using appropriate methods. They can quickly gain an overview of the current state of the art, evaluate existing scientific approaches and apply them accordingly. Photonics engineers can assess the feasibility and market benefits of novel photonic systems.

Project management 

Photonics engineers are ideally suited to lead multidisciplinary project teams and can communicate, collaborate and interact with other experts in engineering, electrical engineering, medical and bioengineering, computer science or data science in an interdisciplinary manner.

Leadership functions 

As interdisciplinary all-rounders, photonics engineers are predestined for management positions with leadership responsibility in the fields of smart manufacturing, industrial processes and quality control, as well as automation and digital factories (Industry 4.0).

Pave the Way for Launching Your Career

Even during your master's studies, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with many potential employers and check out their job offers. You will expand your network and discover which projects and jobs the market will offer you.

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