Space@OST brings together dedicated students with future-oriented companies and qualified partners to drive innovation in space jointly.

The path to space begins with fascination: It is our aim to enable students interested in space travel to come into contact with the space industry during their education. In this way, they engage with the realities and requirements of such projects at an early stage. Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences (OST) is part of the national network in the space sector for universities. The network includes ARIS, Space Campus, and Space Innovation. 

Many of our projects are implemented together with companies from the sector. It is also possible to collaborate with ARIS, the Academic Space Initiative Switzerland. In this case, our students work closely together with students from ETH Zurich. OST hast recently founded its own Rocket team. 

Projects are carried out independently as semester or bachelor thesis. It is also possible to conduct a project paper as part of the MSE master's degree program. Space@OST is aimed at students from all three OST campuses;  is submitted in the following degree programs:

As an interdisciplinary platform, Space@OST unites the skills that our institutes have in the field of space technology.

Parachute Systems

[Translate to English:] Fallschirm-System für die Raumfahrt bei Tests im Windkanal.
[Translate to English:] Studierende der OST arbeiten an Recovery Systemen für Fallschirme in der Raumfahrt.

Several OST students have been working on the parachutes of research rockets, the ejection system, and the shock load reduction. The primary goal of these projects is to develop a system that makes the rockets as easy and quick to use as possible. Among other things, novel materials were used for this purpose. The Rocket Team at OST works closely with the textile industry in Eastern Switzerland. Various methods of reefing and a lateral ejection system were also developed and tested. The IPEK Institute for Product Design, Development and Construction supports the students, among others.


Communication Systems

Space Innovation
Space Innovation

The ICOM Institute for Communication Systems has much experience with today's positioning (PNT) or communication (SATCOM) developments. This experience has resulted in early projects with ETH, such as the CubeSat, and various orders from the industry for positioning systems. 
Added to this is ICOM's expertise in antenna development, which is relevant for space travel. A competent team combines both the expertise and the requisite laboratories to translate cutting-edge developments into collaboration with the industry.


Lightweight Construction

Lightweight Construction
Lightweight Construction

In materials development, the IWK Institute for Materials Technology and Plastics Processing has a high level of expertise in lightweight construction. In the well-equipped laboratory in the Techpark, materials can be developed and tested for use in space travel. A small, dynamic team combines theoretical models with practical implementation.