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Storage and Systems (Concise Cycle Test)

For the evaluation of the performance of heating and electric supply systems for buildings whole system test methods called Concise Cycle Tests (CCT) was developed at SPF. These tests comprise typical boundary conditions of climate and load in a test cycle and test realistic dynamic operation with a hardware-in-the-loop approach. During a CCT, the tested system runs autonomously to cover the demand of a virtual building.

The method is currently used to determine the performance characteristics of combisystems for the supply of residential buildings with heat and electricity as well as to determine the stratification efficiency of storage tanks.

Robert Haberl

SPF Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter II, Projektleiter CTT

+41 58 257 48 32 robert.haberl@ost.ch

Dr. Michel Haller

EEU, SPF Dozent, WM mbA, Sektorleiter intern. Projekte, Mitglied der GL

+41 58 257 48 36 michel.haller@ost.ch