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SPF Competencies Heat Pumps

Thermal Heat Storage (sensitive, latent, thermochemical)

The SPF conducts research and development in the field of hot and cold storage in current and future energy systems. In collaboration with the industry, we develop and improve storage solutions and their system integration. Focal points are the exergetic efficiency of heat storages (example projects are StorEx, High-Ice, IceEx, stratification efficiency test procedures) as well as the development of sorption technologies for long-term heat storage and special applications (example projects are AbStorEx, COMTES and THRIVE).

Dr. Michel Haller

EEU, SPF Dozent, WM mbA, Sektorleiter intern. Projekte, Mitglied der GL

+41 58 257 48 36 michel.haller@ost.ch

Dr. Paul Gantenbein

SPF Sektorleiter national geförderte Projekte

+41 58 257 48 11 paul.gantenbein@ost.ch