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SPF Competencies Solar Thermal

Heating and Cooling Grids, Geothermal Energy

A successful transition to an efficient and renewables-based future energy system requires going beyond the consideration of individual buildings, by exploiting synergies at the neighborhood level. This includes the interconnection of heat and cooling consumers by means of low-temperature (or «anergy») networks, as well as the integration of renewable energies such as solar thermal heat into conventional district heating networks. In this context, seasonal heat storage in the underground plays an increasingly important role. Our key competencies lie in the analysis and simulation of decentralized networks and increasingly complex situations in the underground.

Project examples: TARO, SWSG, REGENOPT.

Florian Ruesch

SPF Institut für Solartechnik Projektleiter SPF

+41 58 257 48 31 florian.ruesch@ost.ch