Prof. Dr. Martin Weisenhorn

ICOM Institut für KommunikationssystemeProfessor for Computer Vision and Sensor Fusion

+41 58 257 42

Dominik Gschwind,
Alejandro Gloor
Camera based Car-Detection and -Tracking for Urban Parking Areas 2024Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit
Marc Benz Real-Time Object Detection on Low-Power Edge Device with Hardware Acceleration 2024Masterarbeit
Anna Pietak,
Roméo Bornand
Visual Anomaly-Detection for Conveyor-Line Shuttles 2024Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit
Andreas Kuhn A Toolchain for Computer Vision Algorithm Development 2023Bachelorarbeit
Nathan Hoffman,
Flavio Peter
Camera based 3D-tracking of optical Markers 2023Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit
Steven Wegmann Depth reconstruction from stereo images 2023Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit
Kaya Buchli,
Sarusan Jegatheeswaran
Eye tracking 2023Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit
Anton Jakob Paris Pupil Detection on Images 2023Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit
Milena Squindo,
Markus Halef
Subpixel Localization of Active Markers with Event Cameras 2023Bachelorarbeit