Pascal Egloff

IFL Institut für Finance und LawLeiter Kompetenzzentrum Banking und Finance

+41 58 257 13

Pascal Egloff is Head of the Center for Banking and Finance at the Department of Finance and Law. His primary focus lies within the topics of digital/crypto assets and innovative business models in the financial sector. He is co-author of the books titled "Blockchain in der Finanzwelt" and "Blockchain für die Finanzpraxis". Previously, Pascal Egloff was employed at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London as well as at Credit Suisse in Switzerland and London.

Area of Expertise

  • Digital / Crypto Assets and Blockchain
  • Innovations & Business Models in Banking incl. FinTechs
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Development Banking & Impact Finance
  • Corporate Valuation


  • Master of Science in International Management, CEMS (HSG & Aalto University, Finland)
  • Master of Arts in Accounting and Finance, MAccFin (HSG)
  • Financial Risk Manager Certification, FRM (GARP)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (FHS St.Gallen)
  • Certification of University didactics
  • Coaching training in negotiation and conflict management
  • Certified project manager
  • Technical training in renewable energies

Professional Experience

  • OST - Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences (formerly FHSG): Lecturer of Banking & Finance
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), UK: Banking-Team, Power and Energy Utilities (renewable energies)
  • Credit Suisse, CH/UK: Institutional Clients, Product Control Structured Notes, Credit Recovery, Corporate Client Advisory
  • Gemeindeverwaltung Wittenbach (public administration): Commercial clerk

Teaching Experience

  • Digital Banking & Risk Management (English)
  • Blockchain & Crypto Assets (German)
  • Financial Services & Investments (English)
  • FinTech & Open Banking (Seminar)
  • Disruption in the banking sector (Seminar)
  • Banking Negotiation and Conflict Management (Seminar)
  • Blockchain, Crypto Assets, NFT, DeFi (Seminar)
  • Business valuation (Seminar)
  • Speaker and panelist for blockchain topics (at financial intermediaries, SMEs and at various public events)
  • Academic advisor for student consulting projects (Bachelor and Master)
  • Academic thesis supervisor (Bachelor and Master)


  • SFTI-project "Vision of tokenized finance"
  • Research project (Innosuisse) "Self-Assessment ESG Profiling", project partner: UMushroom
  • Research project (Innosuisse) "Automated Risk Management for a DLT-based Ecosystem of Synthetic Assets", project partners: CAT Financial Products, Ubinetic
  • Project "Swiss Digital Asset Market Survey 2022", project partner: Swiss Blockchain Federation
  • Research project "OST4EVU" (interdisciplinary academic project): Identification of new opportunities for utility companies
  • Research project (Innosuisse) "Independent Evaluation Framework for Security Tokens", project partners: fedafin, Drakkensberg, Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, Kaiser Odermatt & Partner, Kore Technologies, PostFinance, VISCHER, Walder Wyss
  • SFTI project "Tokenization of digital assets"
  • Project "Initial blockchain analysis for payment services"
  • Blockchain consulting projects for various companies of the financial industry as well as the energy and utility sector
  • Event "Unternehmer unter sich"
  • Forum Blockchain for Business 2018 and 2019; forum targeted at SMEs (initiator and head of the organising committee)


Swiss Fintech Innovations (SFTI), Digital Assets Switzerland (DAS), Member of the university assembly at OST, Klimacluster OST

Books and Research Monographs

  • EGLOFF, P., TURNES, E. (2023). Blockchain in der Finanzwelt (1 ed.). Zürich: Verlag SKV.
  • EGLOFF, P., TURNES, E. (2019). Blockchain für die Praxis(1 ed.). Zürich: Verlag SKV.

Professional Journals and Newspaper

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