Compounding / Extrusion

The Compounding/Extrusion team deals with the development, modification and functionalization of plastics as well as product, tool and process design for the production of extrudates.

Modern machinery and highly qualified specialists form the basis for project-related cooperation with industry for the successful implementation of innovative R&D projects. Our area of expertise ranges from multiphysics simulation to the recycling of post-consumer waste.

Core competencies

  • Material development / compounding
  • Extrusion (multilayer films, profiles, sheets)
  • Process technology, tooling technology
  • Component design, tool design
  • Process development
  • Material testing, plastics analytics
  • Rheology, material data determination
  • Additive manufacturing, 3D printing (Freeformer, FDM / FFF)
  • Material development / filament extrusion for 3D printers
  • Flow simulation of extrusion tools
  • Structural analysis of tools and components


  • Coperion ZSK 26 Mc with co-rotating twin screw
  • screw outer diameter Da = 26mm
  • Da/Di = 1.55
  • process length 44 L/D
  • modular, flexible process section and screw geometry design
  • twin screw side feeder type ZSB 26 incl. Coperion FET
  • twin screw side feeder type ZS-EG 26

Download Anlagenflyer Compoundieranlage

  • Various gravimetric solids feeders
  • Various liquid metering systems (volumetric/gravimetric)
  • Vacuum compacting system
  • SGS 50 strand pelletizing system
  • Maag extrex EX 32-6 GU melt pump
  • ECON ESK 40 Continuous two-piston screen changer
  • ECON EWA 50 underwater pelletizer
  • ECON EWA 50 air pelletizing
  • Mini-micro pelletizing possible


  • 3 extruder 25L/D Ø 30mm
  • 1 extruder 30L/D Ø 30mm
  • 1 extruder 30L/D Ø 30mm, HT up to 450°C
  • 1 extruder 30L/D Ø 20mm, HT up to 500°C
  • Gravimetric metering on all extruders
  • Various screw geometries
  • Maximum output per extruder approx. 15kg/h
3-layer flat film line
  • Wide slot die 400mm with 3-layer feedblock, gap range 0.4 - 5mm
  • Wide slot die 150mm mono or 2-layer, gap range 0.1 - 2mm
  • COLLIN CR 136/450 S flat film line
  • Roll temperature range 25 - 150°C
  • Extrusion in 0° or 90° configuration
  • Edge trim
  • Unwinder for feeding films

Download Anlagenflyer 3-Schicht-Flachfolienanlage

5-layer blown film line
  • Stacking die with radial spiral distributor
  • Blast tower height adjustable (3.4m to 4.2m) with turner bar system
  • throughput range 10-30kg/h
  • Nozzle diameter Ø 60mm
  • Maximum film dispensing width 300mm
  • Film thickness 30μm - 150μm

Download Anlagenflyer Blasfolienextrusion

Multilayer profile and pipe line
  • Modular line design with up to 6 extruders
  • Various own extrusion dies
  • Calibration table with two vacuum pumps
  • Vacuum tank, wet and dry calibration
FDM filament line
  • Customized material development
  • Extrusion dies for Ø1.75 and Ø2.85mm
  • Heatable, multifunctional water bath
  • haul-off and winder


Mold, process and component simulation
  • CFD Simulation: ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS Polyflow
  • FEM Simulation: ANSYS Mechanical, Marc Mentat
  • Process simulation: ANSYS Polyflow, chillWARE
  • Thermal coupled tool simulation
  • Fluid-structure coupling
  • Multiphase flow simulation
  • Simulation at tool exit
  • Simulation of forming processes
  • Simulation of cooling processes
OceanTide - Recycling plastic waste from the sea

IWK has developed a process for recycling plastic waste from the sea for Princess Cruises in collaboration with Basel-based start-up Tide Ocean SA.

From 1:27 in the video

FREITAG Circ Case F385

Swiss Plastics Expo Sustainability Award 2023

Tide Ocean

eMove360° Europe – MATERIALICA best of Award 2019
Swiss Plastics Expo Sustainabilty Award 2020

Jansen hipress

European Geothermal Award 2019
German Innovation Award Gold 2019


eMove360° Europe – MATERIALICA Gold Award 2017
German Innovation Award Winner 2018
German Design Award Special Mention 2019

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Link to the Website


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Link zum Vortrags-Video


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