Metal Manufacturing Technologies

The research field Metal Manufacturing Technologies concerns the transfer of technology for industrial application as one of its main tasks. Based on the Technology Readiness Level (TRL), we mainly focus on the levels TRL 3 to TRL 7.

Core competencies

  • Material selection
  • Machining processes (milling, turning, grinding,...)
  • Additive manufacturing (metals)
  • Laser processing (laser welding, laser cutting, laser structuring,...)
  • Coating
  • Clamping system development
  • Tool development
  • Simulation (FEM, Simulink, ....)
  • Machine tool development
  • Further manufacturing process developments
  • Material analysis (microscopy, microstructure and damage analysis, SEM images)
  • Process and tool engineering
  • Material and component testing
  • Material data determination
  • Training seminars for industry

Additive manufacturing of metals

  • Hybrid machine - ELB SmartLine N10 KGT 840D
    including: Laser metal deposition LMD - HMT
                     5-axis machining – Grinding and milling
  • Fused Filament Fabrication FFF - Markforged Metal X


  • Turning milling - DMG Mori CTX alpha 500
  • 5-axis milling - DMU 60 mono block
  • 3-axis milling - GF Mikron VCP 600

Heat treatment

  • Nabertherm N31/H (up to 1280°C)
  • Nabertherm NA 30/65 (up to 650°C)

Surface treatment and analysis

  • Water jet Finishing / Polishing - Surfast 400HP
  • Sandblasting - Sablux Leandblast 140s
  • Roughness Measurement and Form tracer - Mahr MahrSurf DU130


  • Ultrasonic system to different assist manufacturing technologies (excitation from 19kHz - 30kHz with various Boosters and Sonotrods)

Residual stresses

  • Residual stresses Measurement with Bore Hole Method (SINT MTS300 Restan)

Force measurement

  • Dynamometer - Kistler Type 9255C (-10kN - 60kN)
  • Dynamometer - Kistler Type 9129AA (-10kN - 10kN)

Various possibilities for material testing

  • Metallography
  • Fatigue test
  • Notched bar impact testing
  • Hardness measurement
  • Tensile/compression test

Component testing

  • Microstructure and damage analysis
  • Non-destructive ultrasonic testing
LMD hybrid machine

Demonstration of the hybrid machine at IWK, which combines the manufacturing methods CNC profile grinding, laser metal deposition and high speed milling. 5-axes can be controlled for the production of complex workpieces. Additively manufactured workpieces are machined (grinding or milling) on a single clamping of the same machine.

Referee International Journal papers


Metallbeschichtung von Wolframkarbid auf CK45
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LMD bringt entscheidende Vorteile
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German Journal papers


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Conference papers with peer reviewing


Rabiey, M.; Walter, C.; Kuster, F.; Stirnimann, J.; Pude, F.; Wegener, K.: „ A comparative study on the dressing of hybrid bond CBN wheels using a conventional SiC dressing wheel and a short-pulse fiber laser,« Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Management of Innovative Technologies and 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Life in Manufacturing, 2011, Fiesa, Slowenien, ISBN 978-961-6536-57-8, Seiten 170-177

Rabiey, M; Dold, C.; Transchel, R.; Wegener, K.;: „ Influence of picosecond laser touch dressing of electroplated diamond wheels on the dressing of SiC vitrified bond wheel, ISAAT Conference, 24-27, Sep. 2011, Stuttgart, Germany

Papers in technical magazines (without scientific reviewing)


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Rabiey, M.: CFK Bearbeitung mit superabrasiven Schleifwerkzeugen, Swiss Plastics Expo, Luzern, 19. January 2023
Link to the video of the lecture (German)


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