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SPF Testing – Snow Load

Snow loads on collectors and PV modules in elevated locations repeatedly lead to major damage. The international product standards are not sufficient to prevent these snow load damages. With the SPF test facility, solar systems are tested and certified very close to reality.

The hazard due to snow load varies greatly from region to region and must be determined individually for each plant on the basis of the valid specifications (Guidance on the protection of property against meteorological natural hazards).

Testing and Certification

Together with the Association of Cantonal Building Insurers (VKG) and the SUPSI Swiss PV Module Test Center, we offer a certification process, that confirms the application limits of solar systems under high snow loads. For this purpose, specific load profiles are run that correspond to a load of at least 30 years. This allows the builder to select products based on the location and orientation of their project to safely avoid snow load damage.


With SPF's unique system, snow loads of up to 2000 kg/m² can be simulated on an area of up to 16 m². Slope downward forces as caused by frozen snow are also taken into account. (Insert link to publication «Snow load testing of thermal collectors, new test method for alpine conditions»!)
The built-in sensors and video cameras allow to follow details during the test and to identify weak points of the components.