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SPF Testing – Systems

Solar thermal systems are characterized by their performance, lifetime and safety. For the measurements and tests, equipment is available to measure the most diverse types of systems. With this, all standard tests are carried out and, of course, individually adapted test series for specific questions are also possible.

Testing and Certification

SPF Testing is one of the leading testing laboratories for the European Solar Keymark certificate and performs all measurements and tests according to the international standards EN 12976 and EN 12977. Other certifications such as the American ICC-SRCC label or Energy Star are possible.

Development and Research

The facilities and expertise of the test laboratory are of course also available for research and development projects. We support you in product development, problem solving and are partners in research projects with trade, industry and universities.

SPF Testing Systems Testing of Standard Systems

Standard Systems

Solar Keymark testing of standard systems, in particular also thermosiphon systems, Integrated Storage systems (ICS) according to EN 12976 and ISO 9459.

SPF Testing Systeme Prüfung von individuellen Systemen

Customized Systems

Solar Keymark testing of individually assembled systems according to EN 12977.


Measurement of storage tanks according to EN 12977-3, etc.

SPF Testing Systeme CCT Concise Cycle Test Methode

CCT «Concise Cycle Test»

With the SPF «Concise Cycle Test» method (CCT), systems for heat supply are tested in a dynamic procedure. Individual steady-state operating conditions or components are not measured. A complete building is emulated, which must be supplied with heat.