For our industrial customers, we conduct research and development in the field of electromobility and the associated batteries together with ETH, BFH and EMPA. The knowledge is imparted to students in projects such as theses or in the focus projects Suncar of the ETH.

As part of the SCCER Mobility competence network, we use thermal management of batteries to increase their service life. Based on a given load profile, the cooling of the battery is defined. Taking into account dynamic loads and electrical safety, batteries are developed and built for use in mobility.

In the construction of vehicles with electric drives, low-noise transmissions were developed and the energy consumption of the heating and air conditioning system was reduced by using a bidirectional heat pump. Driving dynamics are simulated and independently electrically driven wheels and torque vectoring are used to increase vehicle stability and Steer by Wire reliability. In addition to the application of electric drives in cars, they will be used in many niche applications in the future. The 16t solar excavator is a typical example. With its battery, it works autonomously for 8 hours and reduces CO2 emissions by 40t/year.

Our battery test benches

Batteries are designed for mobile and stationary applications and the behaviour of battery cells is investigated. The focus is particularly on thermal management, which, among other things, enables a long battery life despite many rapid charges.


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In the competence field of batteries, we have proven our reliability and our skills in a number of projects.