Heat pumps

Heat pumps and refrigeration technology are the main research areas of the IES. Idea studies, prototypes, laboratory and field measurements for (miniature) heat pumps, low-temperature systems and other special cold steam processes are part of the offer.

Some projects

  • Low-power (miniature) heat pumps
  • High temperature heat pumps
  • Heating systems for laboratory equipment
  • Multiple source heat pumps
  • Hot water supply in apartment buildings
  • Solar assisted heat pumps
  • Heat pumps fruit dryer

Thermodynamics - innovative approaches

The heat pump and refrigeration technology industry needs innovation, not just detailed improvements. New ideas for the integration of heating and cooling systems and the design of components are necessary. The IES accompanies projects through conception, design, simulation, laboratory and field measurements from the first idea to the prototype.

System integration - process and building

The integrative consideration of energetic systems with regard to energy and resource efficiency contains both ecological and economic optimization potential. Buildings and industrial processes are considered to be energy systems. The focus is on concept studies and simulations.